No one should have to believe alone!

About Claire

Hey! I‘m Claire, 19 years old and from the south of Germany (Karlsruhe). After I finished High School in Summer 2019, I wanted to take a year off from learning and studying and also spend my time in a useful manner. The german, catholic organisation Bonifatiuswerk gives young people a chance to live in a Scandinavian country, while experiencing and volunteering in the Catholic Church there. This is why, since September 2019, I live in Sta. Katarinajhemmet in Oslo, helping within the Catholic Church. I work at the catholic school St. Sunniva, St. Johannes menighet and NUK- so I have a very full and exciting week.

I will stay here until the end of May and after then beginn studying at a university in October. I want to study English and political Siences and, one day, become a journalist. I hope I can have more of the great experiences and trips around Norway just as so far. In Germany I like to spend time visiting museums and going for long walks- which Oslo both, is perfect for. I really enjoy my time here, even though I do, sometimes, miss my friends and family and especially my dog.

Since I am working at NUK, I will be at Påskeleier 2020 and I am very excited to see all of you at the camp!


About Antonia

Hey! My name is Antonia, I’m 19 years old and I’m from Cologne in Germany. I have been in Oslo for 6 months and I’m currently living in Sta.Katarinahjemmet. I’m working within the Norwegian catholic church as a volunteer. For example, I’m helping at St.Olav offices, NUK and St.Sunniva School.

Before I came to Norway, I finished High School in Germany and in June (when I’m going to fly back), I will start going to university. I do not know want I want to study yet, hopefully I will figure it out!

I always wanted to take a gap year between high School and my studies and since I’m catholic and an altar server I got the idea to spend this gap year to help in the church. Luckily I found out about the Bonifatiuswerk and they gave me the opportunity to be in Norway for 10 months.

In my freetime I like to be outside and spending time with friends, I’m also into arts and I really enjoy drawing and going to museums. So excited to meet you all at the camp! 🙂



Bonifatiuswerk- “No one should have to believe alone!”:

  • The biggest german aid for catholics around Europe, based in Paderborn, Germany
  • Supports catholics living in diaspora (living in secular countries with a catholic minority) in Germany, Eastern and Northern Europe
  • Supports not only the building of churches (e.g. Convent in Tautra) and parishes with donations, but also provides, for example, busses (called “Bonibusse”) so that people who don’t have a church nearby can still celebrate mass
  • Their Volunteering Program lets 20 young people spend time in Scandinavia, practically helping in the catholic Church

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